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the web column of life

is where you'll find what's been recently added to the site

is where you will find screen grabs, publicity shots and other photos of, plus articles about, actors, actresses, athletes and others that have joined the pantheon of the admired and fantasized.

Recent releases that pique our interest

Critiques, reviews and historical perspectives on Film, Television, and Music

What is happening on stage and a look back on what has happened

We don't know a whole lot about Art, but we know what we like

is the section where our resident critics will write reviews and plot summaries for films, books, plays and TV shows that are considered worthwhile. If it's not there we can't find somebody who likes it.

is a section for editorial opinions of this site's membership on politics, religion and culture. It's an editorial page. They will be subjected to editing if too long.

is a section for any short fiction that the membership has written. Each submission may be subjected to editing and should be kept relatively short. Serialized stories are very welcome.

has favourite recipes

will point you in the direction of some of our favourite people and some other great sites.

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